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Thumbs up bikes

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Except for sand tracks, usually 250's have the fastest times, at least in the old daze when 500's weighed closer to 250 lbs, and 250's around 230.
Don't know about more horsepower equating lower lap times. Every track I've ever ridden, talking motocross only (easy 150 AMA races), 250's had more than enough power, and except for the 2 Sacramento sand tracks, 125's could have the lowest lap times....but can't beat the 500's.
Are you still in NewYork, like Unadilla?
I play about twice a week now, just bought a MicroRadOS racket to ease the shoulder problems of my Aero500's. Still play high level 4.0 doubles and top 3.5 singles...not running not good for singles.
Nope moved form NYC now living in socal and next plan to retire in Italy and ride my 71hp Service Honda 500AF and relax with my gf. I checked out the 450's some more the Kaw 450 has the highest hp for 2012 with 55 but weighs like 250 wet. I need two more shoulder surgeries one on each shoulder. Me I just ride my spin bike at home and take classes but I been running 8 miles everyday to get ready for my next marathon in January should be fun lots of pain haha!! I visited SF once back in 1991 and went to Daly city to visit my friend who now live in OC. SF is super clean like Toronto not like NYC. If u have the money play with natural gut I could play 4 hrs no shoulder pain. Poly on the other hand is so bad for your shoulder. Plus I did not think I got 3 percent more spin stiff like kevlar and no feel.
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