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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
First, I would tend to leave your BH alone, looks fine. Bit mechanical, perhaps, and you could probably afford to hit it harder with that swing path, but basically fine.

I like the RHS on your FH but you seem to have a slightly low finish that seems to end up at waist height. I would suspect you have a tendency to drag FHs into the net more than going long when you are under pressure? Anyway, I would look for more knee bend (coiling) and a higher finish if you were my student. Also, your backswing on the FH is a bit, I dunno, 'abrupt'? A longer and more fluid swing would probably result from a more integrated kinetic chain, anyway.
(based on a video of a very tired guy, so meh..)

I would probably set the ball machine to a quicker feed rate, too, as it is almost impossbile to maintain any energy in your feet when you have to wait THAT long for the next ball!

*edit. These are small things, there is nothing fundamentally wrong at all!!!
thanks for the response Tim...My 2hbh was learned from scratch 2 years ago and it's still a "work in progress". It's getting better all the time and its solid enough now that nobody picks on it anymore.

I will try your f/h suggestions....higher finnish...longer and more fluid swingpath..more legs and coiling. The ball machine was being controlled by the wasn't under my control. Next time I film I will speed things up and show more movement.

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