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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Just curious, but why did everyone here start using a mid/when? And which Wilson mid is the easiest/ best in your opinion?
Mentor/coach had a deal with Head and was able to get his students a discount on Head racquets, so I got a pair of rubber-paint 1st gen i.Prestige Mid.

Didn't know anything about midsize/midplus or what not. And as a young kid, I just played freely so headsize really didn't matter to me, nor did I look into it. Over time, anything bigger than a 90 felt enormous to me.

The 85 is probably the easiest "Wilson mid" to use, because of its low swingweight despite its weight. Trust me, once you get it moving, it doesn't feel heavy at all. And don't let people scare you off with "small sweetspot" nonsense. To those people, I say to them:

Get your timing right.
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