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^ Yes, that is exactly what I was saying in #16.

Originally Posted by dlam View Post
Then those video abr serve motion of Aggasi and Martin is that of starting at the trophy position
Berger looks a lot different
He seems to dangling the racket in a BS position to start and has no trophy position at all during the serve
No trophy position in the serve ?
How is that possible?
This is what I was saying in post #16. The Berger serve, starting on the shoulder, is what I am now calling a stage 1 serve. The trophy serve, a stage 2 serve, is next in the progression. A stage 3 serve is the abbreviated serve motion -- it is more continuous that the static trophy start position seen with the stage 2 serve.

Variations of the stage 3 serve include the Agassi & Martin serves seen previously in this thread. Other variations include Roddick's (standard) motion and the Serve Doctor's spring-loaded serve.
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