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The Velvet Underground has about half-a-dozen great and memorable songs -- and I'm being generous.
Yeah, we'll have to disagree on that. The first time I heard "Velvet Underground & Nico", it was shocking to hear 11 songs that could plausibly have grandfathered 11 different genres of college/indie rock. Half of the songs on that album alone are classics to me. They're just not radio staples.

but the Beatles were already doing amazing albums like Rubber Soul and Revolver. They didn't exactly need inspiration
As you know, there was an artistic back exchange between Brian Wilson and Macca/Lennon. Rubber Soul inspired Brian to make a "total album." McCartney listened to Pet Sounds and changed how he used his bass playing to carry a song. Brian inspired Paul to go further in "pop symphony" direction. Borrowing music hall elements yet still playing by the pop playbook.
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