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Originally Posted by tvu View Post
Thanks for the input. I tried stringing Mamba NG initially with 54, then 57 , but I was still launching the balls,; that's how I ended up at 62. I would love to string it lower as long I don't loose the control.

I guess I will find out soon enough on what fits best for me. My only fear is that I will really like the premium gut, and that it will only last for 10 hours.
tvu, I really like the Supra gut but seems like it's out of stock for a long time. I used to break my multi or Synthetic gut within 2-3 weeks of play. Ever since putting Supra main & Iontec cross, I have been playing over 30+hrs with them. I never try Premium since Ray told me not to string that more than 55lbs or something like that. Didn't know it can go 62lbs on Premium gut. Some day when Supra is available again, I am going to stock that up.
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