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Premium nat. gut plays real well at relatively high tensions, something many cheaper guts will not allow.
I string my OS size racquets at 64 lbs. and my MP size racquets at 61 lbs. and they both have dense patterns.The higher tensions still feels great and also gives proper control with a full bed of gut.
With what you stated I would string it up at 62 just as you have in past and if necessary adjust from there, but I bet it wii not be much.
I have hit with VS (non bt7)16g. , Wilson 16g. , Pacific Permium 16g. and Pacific Tough gut and strung them all the same. I never used the Klip, but I heard that it is a stiffer string than the others.
My personel preference at this time is the Wilson it hits like the old VS gut, Happy hitting! Jim

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