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I agree with Lendl, Murray has the goods.

His major drama is, however, is not in his technical inability to hit certain shots or endure certain amount of pounding.

His biggest monkey is that he has no idea what game he should be playing. He is not sure. He has been criticized so much about "being too defensive" so that he feels bad when he is defensive and also feels bad when he is offensive (because it is not natural for him). He always feels bad, regardless of what he does on the court. His muted US Open celebration reflects just that: he is a guy who has been criticized by everybody but his family, and a guy who has been criticizing himself like crazy all his life. With an attitude like that, being torn between doing what he likes (defending) and doing "the right thing" (attacking) it will be very hard for him to become a great champion.

But yeah, he can. Nothing is stopping him. It is not that he is slow, or weak, or anything. He is a top-class athlete in search of his true tennis identity.

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