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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
So, in your opinion, solar activity has no tangible impact on our climate?
PMFJI... but solar activity has a definite impact on climate. It's a question of time/scale.

Isolated solar storms such as discussed early in this thread likely do not have much impact. But there is a known correlation between the amount of solar energy reaching Earth and its climate. The Sun goes through periods of higher and lower energy output. I think you mentioned some of that above in the thread regarding sunspot cycles. When the Sun is putting out more or less radiation, it naturally affects the climate accordingly. These changes are often fairly short-term changes (e.g. it was cooler in year X, warmer in year Y). But there is evidence that longer-term solar activity changes coupled with Earth's own changes in its orbit, which affects how much solar radiation actually impacts the planet (aka Milankovitch cycles), contribute to larger scale changes in climate.
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