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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
Thanks for the detailed commnets all this information could take time to sink in for me. Let me ask you this question do you think there is a link between solar activity and the recent high-profile storm Sandy, for example? I think I do realise how difficult it is to collect accurate data and establish patterns in meteorology, so I am just looking for your informed opinion, rather than a waterproof statement.

NASA reported a strong solar flare observed on the night of October 22. The emissions, from what I inderstand, normally take a few days to reach the Earth, which is around the time when the weather people started talking about a storm system developing. Do you think this was a mere coincidence or do you think there is a connection?
You're welcome. No, I can say with very strong certainty that there was no correlation between recent solar activity and Sandy. The solar flare and storm development were purely coincidental. Hurricanes get their energy from warm ocean water, and develop when other conditions are right, such as a friendly atmospheric wind pattern around them. Those things were in place long before any solar flares.
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