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Originally Posted by lendlmac View Post
Thans Gizo!

No one is saying lendl is better than roger....but if Grand Slams did NOT put both their careers next to each other.....Lendl would have kicked rogers a s s upband down the courts...

Also Roger Federer has NEVER ever played the fast courts of the 80's and never will. All the tennis tournaments back in the 80s played waaay far much faster than any current player has even tried....AO was faster...W was faster...FO was faster and USO was faster....and the racquets were far inferior and smaller than todays tech....

So simply remove GS from the equation.....Pretend they didnt exist....Lendls career blows Federers career into the weeds... fact. Just saying...
But if slams did not exist, how do you know that Roger wouldn't have focused on the smaller titles more? Altered his focus, etc? If GS did not exist, Roger would have likely won many more smaller titles as well (instead of gearing up to win the bigger prizes).

And also...if Roger played back in Lendl's era, how do you know that Roger wouldn't have adapted to the different surfaces better?

It's difficult to compare two players from such different eras.

Also, let me show you why this comparison is also unfair: You are comparing a GS heavy era (in the eyes of fans/spectators, aka the current era), versus a not-so heavy GS era (back in Lendl's time, when GS wasn't viewed the same way as it is right now). You are asking to strip away Roger's slam victories, when the focus of this era is totally different from back then. Why don't you compare them the other way around then?? Strip away all the smaller tournies and only compare the slams?? Not so fair for Lendl then is it??

Lendl may look more dominant in smaller tournaments because the focus was different back then. Roger may look more dominant in bigger tournaments because the focus is different these days. Can't really compare. You can't say that Roger wouldn't have been as feared as or even more feared than Lendl, if Roger played back then (and focused on day-in-day out smaller tournaments as well).
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