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Lets put it this way Mike:

Because of your recent musings on mids, I decided to take my PS90 out for a hit. I played 2 sets against someone I normally take to the cleaners.

The first set I won 6-1 with my normal BLX Blade. Serving went well, game play was nice.

The second set, I won 7-6 in a tie break with the PS90. It didn't offer me the same level of confidence as my Blades do. This is totally on me, but it reinforces the fact that for me at least, mids aren't optimal. Sure I had an absolute blast playing with it serving bombs and hitting sweet volleys, but it doesn't match up to my game well.

For you, mids might match extremely well. I believe we're around the same level within +/- .5 so it's not a bad time to really make a choice to stick with in the long haul.

Grab another Pro Open and a reel of lead tape. I assure you that lead opens up an entire new world of rackets. I've modded almost every single racket I've owned and it makes for a great way to get that shiny new racket feeling way more often.

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