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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Age 17: Switched from POG mid to Profile 2.7 OS.

The Profile seemed to feel like cheating. Thundering overheads, a wall at net. More dominating serve. It didn't fix my crappy fh, but it really suited the serve and volley style that I'd developed to compensate fro my lack of a fh. True story: I had only been playing competitively for about 18 months, and had never beaten a seeded player in a junior champs tourney, just trying to catch up to the kids who'd been playing 10 years longer than me. My first match with the Profile demo from the pro shop, and I took out the #2 seed in the biggest PNW junior tourney of the year (a 15-year-old who would be the top-ranked kid in 18's in the section 2 years later). I simply overpowered him with huge serves that kicked high to the backhand, and followed in behind with pounding volleys.

I used the Profile for 10 years - even won prize money in singles once due to my giant serve. Eventually moved next to Prostaff 4.7 (similar huge head, but longer and a little flexier). I noticed that the 4.7 demo let me 'shape' my shots better than the Profile. Played another 10 years with the 4.7 (and reached a very high level 9 years ago, winning prize money in both men's doubles and mixed doubles, even though my forehand still sucked).

I've gone through a lot of frames since then, but strangely, I'm now back the 4.7, except that I play it almost 3 ounces heavier than I did 10 years ago. Now my forehand is finally much better than before due to the lead in the right places, and my volleys are better than before, also due to the added lead. Unfortunatey, I don't have enough to time to practice my serve like I used to. So my rusty serve keeps me stuck as a double-faulting 4.5 with 5.0 rest of game who can dominate 8.0 mixed.

Honestly, that's an amazing story. Truly. But.... I have to admit that I had the impression from your posts and your technical knowledge that you were a much better player. I can honestly say that I'm a solid 4.5 player with just about ANY frame out there, easily able to dominate the 8.0 and 9.0 men's game. I don't feel that that's a particular accomplishment, really, since I can't win open level tournaments. But 4.5 men's, 9.0 mixed? No problem. I don't feel the need to expound upon my technical expertise or 19-ounce frames.

Solid technical volleys with classic frames will get you far in tennis. Easily 4.5 or higher. It really doesn't matter what frame you use. At this level, I've used a K90, a Donnay X-Dark Red, a Yonex Tour 89 and even an old Yonex R-22. It honestly doesn't matter.

If you're a good player, you can play with just about any frame as long as you're not on tour. I'm kicking butt at the 4.5 level singles/doubles with the Yonex Tour 89, but I honestly don't consider that a major victory. My advice is to play with what you're comfortable with, it doesn't matter what frame.
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