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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
liver damage occurs sometimes when people take enormous overdoses of tylenol. I routinely see people in the hospital who don't get liver damage after taking an entire bottle of 60 pills, so it is not inevitable even in the most extreme circumstances. The medical community generally considers tylenol safer than ibuprofen if both are used sensibly.
Well, OK. I'm not a medical professional. But I have heard the opposite. I actually know someone who tried to kill herself by taking a bottle of Tylenol. Didn't work. And her liver is fine.

But there are also reports of people developing liver problems off of unremarkable doses. It's a Russian Roulette thing to some extent. You can't know if you are susceptible to liver damage from Tylenol until it is too late.

Maybe there are idiosyncratic reactions to Ibuprofen also, I don't know but would assume so.
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