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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Ok, so after I pull off the base grip, how do I put it back on?

I am going to assume that the SW of my racket is 315 because it was just a little lower than a radical ig mp that I demoed, and that's supposed to have 320. So...I would like to have the SW at 325. How much lead do I put? 10 grams?
Why are you trying to add weight to your frame? I assure you, lead tape and equipment play a minimum role in improving your game. And there's no point to add lead just to say you've got a modified racquet.

As for the grip, you can just re-wrap it as if you were putting on a replacement/overgrip. If it's stapled, then that's even easier, because you don't have to remove the whole grip. Just leave it dangling when you're applying the lead, and then wrap it up again.

As for the swingweight, if I can tell you exactly how much to add, then that means I have a Ph.D in physics, which I do not have. Add until you feel comfortable with the racquet.

Lastly, you should know that the "feel" of swingweight is not universal among all racquets. As in, a SW of 320 in your BLX Pro Open is going to feel different than a Radical with the SW of 320.

If you're going to modify your racquet, don't modify by the numbers, modify by feel.
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