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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
the PST has a high SW which is a detriment on the serve. I usually used the PSLGT but pulled out the PSTs when I needed a boost in power. The PSLGT is a serve monster because the SW is so low and you can really rip the racquet through the swing.

The PSLGT plays well at low tensions with multis so there is a little more power to be had there. I had both in my bag until I started getting a little TE and have since changed to the PK Ki5 which seems to be right in the middle between the PST and the PSLGT.
I had the Pro Kennex 5Ki and that felt a bit more hollow or tinny compared to the PSTGT. I prefer the original Pro Kennex 5G SMI version which was more solid than the 5Ki.

The only downside of the PSTGT is serving.
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