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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
Honestly, that's an amazing story. Truly. But.... I have to admit that I had the impression from your posts and your technical knowledge that you were a much better player. I can honestly say that I'm a solid 4.5 player with just about ANY frame out there, easily able to dominate the 8.0 and 9.0 men's game. I don't feel that that's a particular accomplishment, really, since I can't win open level tournaments. But 4.5 men's, 9.0 mixed? No problem. I don't feel the need to expound upon my technical expertise or 19-ounce frames.

Solid technical volleys with classic frames will get you far in tennis. Easily 4.5 or higher. It really doesn't matter what frame you use. At this level, I've used a K90, a Donnay X-Dark Red, a Yonex Tour 89 and even an old Yonex R-22. It honestly doesn't matter.

If you're a good player, you can play with just about any frame as long as you're not on tour. I'm kicking butt at the 4.5 level singles/doubles with the Yonex Tour 89, but I honestly don't consider that a major victory. My advice is to play with what you're comfortable with, it doesn't matter what frame.
You obviously didn't get my joke poking fun at my current lack of court time compared to when I was winning prize money and reaching finals in open tourneys - maybe you need to have played a lot of USTA mixed league to get it?

Back to the topic: I don't think my serve (the most important shot for winning matches in singles ) would have developed into such a big weapon in my 20's I had if I hadn't switched from the POG mid to the Profile OS in high school. But on the other hand, the Profile probably stunted the development of my ground game. I never really developed my forehand enough to hang with top players from the baseline until I switched away from the big ultra-stiff club in my late 20s. And finally, I never truly became a top-notch volleyer until I learned to play with heavier racquets again in my mid 30s. There is no question that the racquet you play with shapes your game.
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