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Originally Posted by rafafan20 View Post
I used the 400 t before my current racket and I loved it but it was just not stable enough for volleys and I generally don't like to lead up rackets.
Thanks so much for the info. Regarding the issues with volleys, I also find that is seems to be only downside to this frame in my testing. If you strike your volleys lower in the stringbed, the issue is less pronounced. I also plan to try some different string set-ups to try to open up the sweetpot a bit to I hope help with this. On the other hand with me...I tend not to depend on my net game to win points. I also may experiment to a bit of lead..but I am also not someone that like to employ lead much. We will see...otherwise love the frame. Great serving frame... groundstokes are wonderful. Easy to produce... great spin and power.
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