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Originally Posted by BlxTennis View Post
tvu, I really like the Supra gut but seems like it's out of stock for a long time. I used to break my multi or Synthetic gut within 2-3 weeks of play. Ever since putting Supra main & Iontec cross, I have been playing over 30+hrs with them. I never try Premium since Ray told me not to string that more than 55lbs or something like that. Didn't know it can go 62lbs on Premium gut. Some day when Supra is available again, I am going to stock that up.
Yes, I read the label, and did not notice that the recommended tension was 55. I took the risk, and bump it up to 57lbs, but it still went long - so the next jump was up to 62 - and that seems like the right tension for me. Out of the 12 (1/2) sets, only one broke due to the gut unraveling around R6 - so no complaints.

I haven't tried Supra myself, but when it's available I will have to definitely order a few sets. And if I can't tell the difference between that and all the other premium gut in this playtest, then I'm stocking up too

Originally Posted by esgee48 View Post
tvu, when you start experimenting with poly crosses, go with a slick tension maintaining poly, ala SPPP. You do less damage to the gut mains when they slide back and forth over the crosses.
Good point - I've noticed that with the cross strings I have listed, B5E seem to notch a little easier, than the Scorpion or Black Magic. I haven't tried SPPP - but that will have to be another experiment since I"m trying to limit the number of factors that changing.

Originally Posted by jim e View Post
With what you stated I would string it up at 62 just as you have in past and if necessary adjust from there, but I bet it wii not be much.
I have hit with VS (non bt7)16g. , Wilson 16g. , Pacific Permium 16g. and Pacific Tough gut and strung them all the same. I never used the Klip, but I heard that it is a stiffer string than the others.
My personel preference at this time is the Wilson it hits like the old VS gut, Happy hitting! Jim
Thanks Jim - I think that is the plan moving forward - string them all at one tension at the start - and adjust accordingly. It's just too painful to cut gut - hence the start of this thread. When I started out with Mamba premium gut, I had to cut out 2 string job with less than 1 hour on them(54lbs, and 57lbs) since I felt it was still too powerful.
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