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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
Serioulsy, could you be more offensive? How do you know what Jelena and Xisca are doing with their lives? I am a Federer fan but kragster has a point about Mirka. I mean she basically gave up her ambitions and own career to follow Federer around the world and cater to him 24/7. I know she acted as his manager and helped him tremendously but that is not the point. It is not the best advice to give a modern woman to follow a man all over the world and sacrifice her own ambitons/goals. Very risky thing to do, plus I can't imagine it would be very fulfilling. But each to her own.
You missed the irony in my posts, didn't you?

However, there is some truth to what I say. Especially about Mirka and the comparison with the other two.

And, if you think, that a proper relationship could be maintained withˇut compromises, you are sorely mistaken. The more influential career one of the partners has, the more compromises should the other partner make. In Federer's case and his monstrous career, it is clear, that Mirka was supportive all along.

Now, I wouldn't speculate too much about how the relationships of the other two go (since I am not all that interested in that kind of "information"), but it seems to me, that Federer and Mirka are having much more fulfilling relationship, than either Djokovic/Jelena or Nadal/Xisca. Especially in Nadal's case, where his GF is away from him most of the time, it looks almost like artificial relationship (think about having a GF for 4-5 years, seeng her for maybe 1/5 th of the year all the time, I cannot imagine that being proper relationship, but whatever).

So, in short, yes, Mirka is much more closer to the ideal wife for a tennis player (if such thing exists, at all), than either Jelena or Xisca.
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