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Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
Please don't argue for the sake of arguing.
no, thats not the reason. Just too much time on my hands. And easy targets.
Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
2012 Incoming Freshmen Average GPA:

UC Berkeley 4.38
UCLA 4.27
Stanford (I would guess it is a bit higher)

cute, post the overall average, rather than the instate average and don't even bother too mention UW GPA. And lets ignore the most important point, its what comes out, not what goes in.

Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
I'm not sure why you need to resort to namecalling...
huh ? LOL.You must study rhetoric with Mr.Bill. You said I was "arguing fo the the sake of arguing". That's basically name calling, by any other name, AKA BS, Sorry, I dont put up with that kind of passive aggressive crap, as you may have noticed. You accuse people of 'arguing for the sake of arguing' and then play the victim card. Sweet.

Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
that's what it takes to get in If you don't like it, take it up with their admissions committee. Other than Stanford, UCB, and UCLA, it's pretty easy to get into any PAC-12 schools. In other words, easy to get in = not academically prestigious.
You left out Cal. Oh, and, conveniently, UW too. CAL is harder to get into than UCLA. In actuality, whether it's harder to get into UCLA than UW I think largely is dependent on whether you are an instate resident(hint instate GPA lower) , the particular program,etc. These are also average GPA's, not min. I am quite certain whether you are an athlete factors in too. Pop Quiz : the average athletes GPA is a) higher, ) equal too, c) lower or d) significantly lower than the average students GPA ?

Really, this is preposterous. You accuse me of being the one of auguring for the sake of arguing and your point that UCLA is some kind of Cambridge upon LA River. Seriously ??

At the end of the day, UW offers educational opportunities an a reputation that equal or exceeds the majority of institutions in the PAC-12, including UCLA. Whether you want to call it prestigious or not is really pretty inconsequential. What matter is that there are quite a few Americans who would not mind having their children earn a degree from UW, an ultimately those are the voices that will matter.
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