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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
Congratulations! You're actually one of the very few people on here that actually underestimates his NTRP.

You have nice old school strokes. I don't wanna place a number on it, but I like your slice and your backhands in general a lot. Good stuff and don't be so hard on yourself. If only other people on here were as modest as you.
Thanks for the input and encouraging comments. But I think you might agree that in order to compete at higher levels then I'm going to have to learn to hit solidly with topspin off both sides, because that's what's enabled and required by the modern racquet and string technology.

I'm pretty sure that the 4.0s I play against are sort of taking it easy on me. But, that said, I don't think that their best efforts are so far removed from mine that I might not some day, given enough practice, be competitive with them. The goal right now is just to become a solid 3.5. If I ever achieve that, then I'll raise the bar.
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