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For me as a German, one of the most astounding things about Rosewall was, that Germany won the World Cup in Soccer in 1954 and 1974. In 1954, before my time, Fritz Walter captained the German team as heavy underdog against Hungary with Puskas. In 1974, a complete different gerneration was at work, when Beckenbauer's German team, again a heavy underdog against Holland, won over Cruyff's Netherlands. It was a good sign for Germany for the final Sunday, that the Wimbledon final had been played the day before, and the same man, still the same man, had lost the final to Drobny and Connors. In sports, 20 years are an eternity. That the Rosewall of 1974 was the same Rosewall of 1954, boggeled the mind.
In 72 Germany won the Euro Cup...and Rosewall, the best ever WCT final.Just to find more similarities.

In 1970, Germany lost to Italy one of the best ever WC matches and Rosewall lost to Newcombe in a gruelling 5 sets final at London.
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