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I love Lendl's manner. He manages to be very optimistic whilst being incredibly matter of fact. He makes me laugh.

Bit of a maths fail in The Guardian version of this story as they have re-interpreted Lendl saying they'd achieved 20% of his predicted shared journey as meaning Andy is going to get five times better! Not quite the same thing. The Mail's rip-off story also includes the nugget that Murray and Lendl enjoy each other's company, which they have illustrated with a photo of them together looking their most miserable!

Cheeky photo editors aside, they do seem to get along, and this partnership seems to be a great match. The longer they are together, the more I've realised how much they have in common, but ultimately what I think makes the relationship work (apart from results) is that Lendl respects the kind of player Andy is, and isn't interfering with anything and everything for the sake of justifying his fee.
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