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Actually I think the reason they allow it has nothing to do with being tolerant, but rather reasonable and logical. They understand they can't possibly stock every string out there (what vendor can?), and it stands to reason people will use strings from various vendors, so there's no harm whatsoever in allowing discussion about such strings. If this was the "TW Strings Forum" and underneath the description read, "Please try to limit your discussion to only those strings sold at TW", then I'd definitely agree with you.

Finally, TW isn't stupid, they definitely understand the connection between this forum and string sales, and the fact that they have this forum, coupled with its popularity, directly influences the amount of string they sale. Access to the majority of strings discussed is but a few clicks away.

I do, however, agree (wholeheartedly) that the OP should stick with PL II. Even better would be to purchase a stringer, that way the cost of trying new strings could be substantially reduced in the long run. That is, as long as he doesn't go nuts and start testing every string under the sun lol.
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