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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I'm in a slump right now, so take my comments with that in mind. It did not take me long to adjust to the Exo 16x18. I played very well with it until recently. My game did change into more of a defensive retrieving style though. With the 7G, I could hit the flatter putaway shots much better. I'm still not confident enough with the Exo to attempt those type shots consistently. Many seem to go into the net when I do. So like others have mentioned, I end up putting a bunch of spin on the ball to make sure I can get it over the net. I also tend to hit more serves in the net but maybe that has something to do with going back to a regular length racket. The bottom line is that the Exo is easier on my arm and that is all I care about right now.
I kinda felt the same way when I demo'd it a couple months ago. It seemed like it created a very lively ball, but you would have to kill it every time in order to stay competitive. By contrast, the 7G seems to have a lot more options. I just finished a test of a BHBR hybrid, and although I didn't care for the feel of it, it had the Exo3 spin coupled with the 7G's options. Very addicting. Now I'm on to a Cyclone Tour hybrid and can't wait to try it. An added bonus, it only comes in red so it looks great on the 7G!
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