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Okay, I am new to the low tension revolution, but here are my thoughts ...

First, low tension may not be right for everyone. Hell, back in the 70s and early 80s, I was having my racquets strung at 75 and 80. I loved it! I tried lower tensions back then (not as low as what we are talking here), and didn't like it at all.

Then, I didn't play for almost 30 years.

When I stared back, I was still in high tension mode. I had 2 each at 60. 65 and 70. I varied what tension I used based on factors like my opponent's style of play, weather, court conditions, etc. When I broke a string, my coach suggested 52 (and a lighter gauge), which I found appalling. But I tried it and I liked it. I had worked my way down to 48, 46 and 44 (2 each) and decided to try something. I strung one of my new Biomimetic 100's at 38 (co-poly mains & syn-gut crosses) and liked the results.

My latest adventure was restringing one at 36 with Gosen OG Sheep on both. I was actually amazed at the feel, the power, and the added spin I got. I have only played one doubles match with it, but we beat a team that we shouldn't have, and both of our opponents (and my partner) commented on my improved shot-making. I thanked them, but didn't let on what the difference was from the last time we played (about 6 weeks ago).

The extreme low tension seems to give my groundstrokes added spin, my serves are popping very nicely, and I haven't had any trouble with volleys at the net after the first few games. After one rally that ended with a reflex-volley duel, my opponent said "Wow, that was intense!". This is a guy almost 30 years my junior. He was amazed at how much pace was on the balls I was sending his way (with very little effort on my part).

Last night, I happened upon this thread. Some very interesting posts and information. I haven't got through all of it yet (although I plan to go back), but it is intriguing. My next trial will be the Gosen OG at 30 sometime this weekend. I'll report back after a few matches.
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