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This subject has been discussed a couple of times. I will include a link to one discussion and a quote from that thread.

The data are clear. Most people agree with the statement If you are a top 12s player it does not mean you will be a top 18s player. The part many people miss is If you are a top 18s player you were a top 12s player. Put another way If you are not a top 12s player you will not be a top 18s player.

During the last discussion I looked at the ranking history of the top 10 boys 18s. Almost all were elite players in 12s.

Results matter in 12s.

Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
Here are the top 10 boys 18s from the current USTA bonus point list. 8 of the 10 players had top 100 rankings for boys 12s. I could not find Blake Bazarnik in the top 100 until boys 14s. The only one I could not find at all was Daniel Kosakowski. On tennisrecruiting Daniel has a freshman year recruiting list ranking of 95%. I dont know why I did not find his ranking.

Do you still believe the statement if you look at the top ranked 10-12 year olds you know who will NOT be a highly ranked 18. It will not surprise me if you do. We are all entitled to our own opinion but not to our own facts.

1 Bangoura, Sekou Coker Bradenton FL B12s #4 7/30/2004
2 Sarmiento, Raymond Fontana CA B12s #7 3/4/2004
3 Sock, Jack E. Lincoln NE B12s #1 4/4/2005
4 Fratangelo, Bjorn Pittsburgh PA B12s #3 2/1/2006
5 Kosakowski, Daniel Downey CA
6 Bazarnik, Blake A. Kildeer IL B14s #89 8/9/2006
7 Leslie, Zachary San Diego CA B12s #89 3/4/2004
8 Austin, Gonzales Miami FL B12s #80 4/4/2005
9 Pasha, Nathan Atlanta GA B12s #12 12/2/2004
10 MacMaster, Casey E. Fort Collins CO B12s #29 6/3/2004

Chase Buchanan #1 b12s 3/4/2004
Ryan Harrison #1 b12s 7/30/2004
Evan King #5 b12s 12/2/2004
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