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I've read of some being able to control their blood pressure by eating less grains and sugary items. The effect takes time.

"Weight loss and blood pressure"


...The previous post talked about how triglycerides initially go up, sometimes way up, when weight drops, only to be followed months later by substantial drops. HDL initially drops in response to the triglyceride fluctuations, only to be followed by a rise.

Blood pressure also shows a curious pattern that is largely dependent on age.

Say someone in their 20s or 30s, for instance, loses 30 lbs (through elimination of wheat and cornstarch, say). BP usually drops within a few weeks, perhaps a month or two at most.

How about someone in their 70s? Say a substantial amount of weight is lost, say 50 lbs over 6 months. BP does indeed drop, but it may require 6 months or longer after weight plateaus for the full effects of BP-reduction to be fully expressed. But it will eventually drop.

Why the age-dependent difference?...
The sleep aid melatonin might be slightly helpful also. I personally take 3mg of time release melatonin before bed, sleep well typically through the night, and it seems to have lowered my blood pressure a little.

"Melatonin for high blood pressure?"
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