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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
First use ice on the injury immediately afterwards, 20 minutes on, and 20 minutes off for a few cycles. Once the swelling has gone down, and the pain abated somewhat, start using a vibrator that has a heat pad as part of it on the hurt muscle area, digging it into the hurt area so you increase circulation. This is supposed to cause a little pain, to focus the area.
Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
I normally wouldn't bother commenting, only that putting a heating pad on a strain or other swelling related injury can very easily cause damage. You never use heat after an injury/activity.
KB clearly states to apply heat AFTER the swelling has gone down. no where did he say to apply heat while it is swollen. i used to do a lot of running and quite a few docs (chiros, podiatrists, and primary care docs) would recommend ice to help keep the swelling down initially and alternating heat and ice after the swelling has gone down.

i don't know if what KB shared works or not, but i have seen and experienced enough things in life to know that different things work for different people. not every body responds to the same treatment. a healing technique that works for 1 individual may not have any effect on another individual. experienced and open minded doctors will tell you the same thing. people ridicule what they don't know because they only understand the world from their perspective since they are only able to see the world through their eyes. don't believe it? let me relate this in tennis terms. when Fed hits an amazing shot, how do we describe it? "Did you see that ridiculous shot?" it's no coincidence that we say this. when we don't understand something, we think it's ridiculous.

we are all unique beings so different things work for different people. for those folks who have practiced qi gong, they'll be familiar with the concept of energy and the use of energy to heal. for those folks, what KB is saying will make some sense.

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