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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
Hi Filip,

first, thank you, that you devote some of your time to answer our questions.

I have a couple questions, regarding your offseason.

1. Do you do any training, that is specific (i.e. happens only during) to the offseason?

2. Do you do extended fitness sessions during the off season, and if so, what kind of exercises do you do and how many times a day? I am particularly interested, if you do any exercises, that are specifically aimed at strengthening particular muscles, in order to endure the hard season, and maybe some exercises, done as an injury prevention. Do you and your coach take note of what are the prevalent injuries amongst the top pros and try to take countermeasures, or you rely on your general fitness to take care of that?

3. Do you do any other sports in order to raise your fitness level and if "Yes" what exactly do you do (how many times a week, intensity etc)?

Last, but not least, I wish you to be healthy and have a nice time in your off season.
Well we generally do a lot more heavy weights during that period to bulk up and prepare for the next year, as well as a couple of things such as road biking for 80k or running an official 15k race (we did that during last year's offseason)

We generally start by doing mostly fitness and not a lot of tennis, and it really includes everything(weights, cardio, speed/agility, core strength/stability, and injury prevention exercises. It varies depending on what each player needs individually, and on what part of the training period we are in, but generally we will have at least one or two 1.5-2.5 hour sessions (more if its an 80k road bike)

As far as other sports, we usually play soccer, maybe once every week or two. Its very intense, as we are all extremely serious about winning these games
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