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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
Strange question maybe, but do you consider your own game 'interesting'? If you try to look as an objective viewer, do you have a lot of variety? Do you use many different spins and speeds and stuff like that? Do you come in to the net, or stand way back, or take the ball real early? Do you S&V ever?

Relating to this issue: Do you see a lot of talented players coming to the net A LOT? Do you see any of them with a 1hbh doing well?
I think my game would be quite interesting to watch. I take the ball really early, but I can mix it up and stay a bit further back and hit a heavy spin, to keep the guy off rhythm. I do try to get into the net when I have a short ball, but I don't serve and volley much, unless the guy is popping up high balls of his return. Its more of a surprise tactic that Ill use a few times in a match. As far as speed goes, I do try to mix it up a lot, since its easy to get a rhythm if someone gives you the same ball every time.
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