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Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
Anyone speak portuguese and is willing to translate the end scene?
Have you ever wondered if Federer was brazilian?
He could be the best volleyballer.

*It's point for brazil!*

Or possibly the best soccer player in the world.

*Federer dominates, and he strikes... Goal! from Federer*
*Federer tee shirts! The 10 from Federer!*
***and then a lot of gilette stuff***

*And then Federer and Lucas are on the xbox*

- hahahaha
- Ahh, come on..
- I'm good, huh?
- Oh man, I didn't knew that you played tennis that good.
- Liked it?
- Take it easy...
- Ehh... are you going to choke?
"2004-07 were weak seasons" , said the born in '95 who started following tennis in 2010.
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