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Four of them, with a few that were close behind at 9.9. I once asked the trach coach (we didn't have a track, only a straightaway next to the barbed wire/bart track), "Why don't you make them run 1/2 miles with me?" He did it once, and although they all had huge leads on me, by the last corner (at neighborhood park oval which had a howler monkey cage: Nicholl park, and they would hoot and scream each lap by), I smoked them all every time. Football players. Didn't care about distance training. This was Harry Ells high, now demolished, and four dead during my time there from gun shot. Even elementary school in Richmond had robbery/violence as a daily incident. Ghetto children, left over from the ship building era.

I would say it not only works with me, but with anyone who would try it as described, with pure intention/shoving pressure, stretch/strain on injury while doing so, alternating and three reps a day. Even if it's only a chance that it works, yet no one with guts enough to try it? To me, that says: "I'd rather be right than healed." Cowardly approaches gain cowardly rewards. How do you think a vibrator feels on a broken bone? Healed my break in three weeks.

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