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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
250 wet on a 4 stroke should equal around 232 dry weight, not all that bad.
Seems riding in Italy, you might go for a ISDT type bike, instead of a superbike motocrosser.
So Cal. Does IndianDunes still exist? I think they closed Saddleback. I rode the CarlsbadGP course on a Sat of one of the big TransAms. Track was groomed though, so really different than what they raced on.
Surprised you don't like sand. Big jumps and endless feetup full powered broadslides.
So for just so more money I can buy thr 500af instead of a 450 and get the sound, handling and power. Twenty pounds lighter and have 16 more hp sounds like the way to go. I have not rode any bikes since moving to socal so I don't know of any tracks. I did look up Socal have 36 tracks and Nocal has 29 tracks. I have 2 that r close to me.

Sand eats motorcycles...sand finds its way into EVERY part of the bike....airbox.....sealed bearings.... the engine.......this is why they are not called sand bikes.
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