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I tried putting silicone in the handle of my racquet 3 days ago, using the GE II type which was specified in this section of the messageboard by more than one person. I left the buttcap off for the silicone to harden which it seemed to do in less than a day but I left it off for three days. I just decided to put two lead weights so I figured I would have to dig out the silicone. I put my awl in and after breaking the initial quarter of an inch I discovered that none of the silicone had dried; it only "skinned" over. I am very concerned that once I try to play with it in an hour from now that the silicone will go up the handle toward the head being that the cotton dam I put in is not very solidly wedged in there(because I could not manage to get cotton to be wedged much and God knows I tried). I am afraid that my worst fear is going to come true and that the silicone is going to flow up the racquet changing the balance and the very least and possibly causing silicone to enter the throat and head. This was not supposed to happen people. I read many posts on here before doing this procedure.
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