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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post

MurrayTards on here. How many times has Murray got down on himself, smacking himself, talking to himself, only for the opponent to pull out the win? The YEC, all it took was for Murray to get a little fidgety and Fed completely took the match over with ease.

The USO he blew a TWO SET LEAD, and Djoker cramped up, finally enabling Murray to win something of note. If Nole doesn't cramp up, Murray doesn't win that match most likely.

How many big points and match points has he blown vs. Nole

The guy is a head case.. Pure and simple.. Wake up. Are we watching the same Murray people?

Man, your bitter ramblings are truly funny - wind and cramp - that Murray is the luckiest player ever. It's not like Murray was up a double break in the 5th before Novak started cramping - nosiree, not in the backward looking, 'I remember when this was all fields' world of the banned poster known as Game Sampras.

Murray is a slam champion; he's probably going to win more. You need to stop crying like a little girl who's lost her dolly and deal with it. headcase...

Grand. Slam. Champion. End of.
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