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Originally Posted by richsox View Post
I did used to play plus rackets, but I simply found they were not quite as manouverable for me on a lot of approach shots, but they did rock on baseline bashing for sure. Like you, I agree that the Pure storm is a bit of a sleeper range of babolat and well underated by most amateurs, and weekend warriors
Yeah, not trying to recommend the plus. I'm just saying that the best way to know which one is best for you, as you seem to have it narrowed down to two rackets, the LTD and the Tour, is to play them both for two or three weeks in match play against the same players and see which one you get better results with. It's not necessarily which one feels the best, or the stick you like hitting with the most, unless one hurts your arm, of course, but it's the the racket that gives you the best results in the win column and scoreline that is the one I would choose.
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