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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
This rule I'm not to fond of
If you are allow to call any of your own shots out including the 2nd serve than why do we have to play the point if it my 1st serve looks clearly long but my opponent still returns it?
Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
If you see your serve out, and your opponent does not get a return back, you can say to your opponent "hey, I thought the serve was out". Your opponent will then likely say either "no, your point, I'm pretty sure it was in", or else "thanks, I wasn't sure but didn't want to call it out, second serve." Either way, the final call is theirs.

On the other hand if they make a good return, you have to play the point. You can't stop play and claim your serve was out.
Thanks that helps
I'm forced to play the point
Whatever the outcome of that point
Afterwards can i still say I thought my 1st serve is out ? Yes ?
Up to the opponent to decide to let that point stand , whether I won or he/she won the point or replay the point and do the 2nd serve
Is this legit ?
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