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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Gonzalez played at a high level for over twenty years. He was still winning tournaments into his forties. How many majors would he have won? This is the same with Ken Rosewall.

Right now Roger Federer has won 17 majors. That's an excellent number but we have to take it into context when we point out he won those majors in 54 attempts. Sampras, who used to hold the record won his 14 majors in 52 attempts. Considering the times I would tend to think that Federer must win a number of majors more in order for his record to be safe for a while. I think at 17 it is very vulnerable to being broken sometime in the near future. I can't see it lasting as long as the Joe DiMaggio consecutive game hitting streak for example which is over 70 years old. To put it in perspective, the Women have always been allowed to play all the majors and despite some boycotts and bans many women like Court, Graf, Evert and Navratilova have won over 17 majors. So I would tend to think Federer has to put the total into the twenties to keep it safe for a little while.

Remember the fixed number of majors is important but perhaps even more important is the amount of majors played and the winning percentage of majors win to majors entered.
No player can play high level in their late 30s, much less in the 40s today. AS evidence there isn't any because the depth/strength of the field doesn't allow that to happen.

Federer 17 slams is tough to match/break than you really believe. Because to reach that numbers, first you have to be incredibly talented, which Mac said Federer is like one in billion out there. You have to be almost injured free, always fit to play at a high level to give you a chance. You can't skip any slam, and limited to fewest upsets as possible. And you have to start winning slam at the early age, which isn't that possible like during the early days, again, all because the depth/strength of the field. Not to mention by the time you reach 30, the window of oppotunity has closed considerabliy. AS talented as Nole is, he start out winning late in his career, and at 25 it's impossible to catch Roger. If you've been watching Davis Cup, they said tennis today is the 2nd most global sport in the world behind soccer. That speaks volume.

Sure, records are made to be broken. Just because Sampras's 14 slam record couldn't last for a decade doesn't necessary mean Roger's slam record is going to be broken anytime soon. It took almost 40 years for Mark Mcgwire to break Roger Maris home run record. Yet, it took only a few years for Barry Bond to break Mcgwire's record. So far, no player is remotely close to Bond's 73 home runs per season.

Women's tennis is not like the men's tennis. you can't equate they are equal, slam to slam, or title to title. Because if you compare all tennis records, women always has the higher numbers in every categories. I would say Fed's 17 is a lot tougher than Graf's 22, certainly much tougher than Court 24.
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