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Originally Posted by GrandSlam45 View Post
So I hit for 2 hours last night with my Ki5 strung with Luxilon Fluoro 17 strung at 50lbs. I think this racquet/string combo is my new holy grail! The power and control were amazing. My partner said he had never seen me play so well before.

Am I kidding myself? Maybe. I realize these strings are only supposed to last 3 hours, but I will know for sure after a week. I experienced zero arm pain today, and that's usually when I know if I screwed up my elbow or not.

Anyhow, very happy to report that a poly string seems to be working well with a Ki5.
Hi GrandSlam.

I have made exactly the same switch but without such positive results so far. I cut out the syn gut that the Ki5 came with and installed a gut/poly hybrid which felt too stiff so I cut out the poly cross and put in syn gut which was better until the gut got wet and turned to mush. Now thinking a lowwe tension full poly is the way forward for the Ki5. Poly Star Energy is next at 50lbs.

Did you modify the Ki5 in any way? It feels a bit dead in the upper hoop compared to the PD. Have added 6g to the hoop and 4g at the top of the handle. Will see how it plays tomorrow once I have strung it.

Any feedback would be appreciated as I am close to moving on again and really want to get on with the Ki5 due to my recurrent TE problems.
Prince Response 97 with gut/poly@54/50
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