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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
RE Spurs/Gooners earlier, I believe the phrase is: 'Deja vu'... yep, we've been here before recently, haven't we? ... someone pass me the bottle of single malt rather quickly, if you don't mind.
Shame ade got sent off but that was a stupid challenge.

I saw enough from spurs in the first twenty mins to scare the $h1t out of me.

That ruined the game from a neutral standpoint but I was glad for the points. Giroud is really starting to find his way now and theo is taking it up a notch.

Ramsey just doesn't seem good enough, he would perfect at someplace like Stoke or Norwich.

Wish Wenger would play Santos in that position more often, his defending is crap but his passing and distribution are first rate. Reminds me of Eboue.
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