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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
Hi GrandSlam.

I have made exactly the same switch but without such positive results so far. I cut out the syn gut that the Ki5 came with and installed a gut/poly hybrid which felt too stiff so I cut out the poly cross and put in syn gut which was better until the gut got wet and turned to mush. Now thinking a lowwe tension full poly is the way forward for the Ki5. Poly Star Energy is next at 50lbs.

Did you modify the Ki5 in any way? It feels a bit dead in the upper hoop compared to the PD. Have added 6g to the hoop and 4g at the top of the handle. Will see how it plays tomorrow once I have strung it.

Any feedback would be appreciated as I am close to moving on again and really want to get on with the Ki5 due to my recurrent TE problems.
I experimented with a lot combinations of lead on my Ki 5x including 3 and 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 3, 9, and 12 o'clock, and lead in the butt cap to counterbalance. I liked the way it played stock, and I really didn't have much of a reason to add weight other than seeing if it made an improvement. I did see some improvements in stringbed response, particularly with lead at 12 o'clock, but eventually I came to the conclusion that the stock racquet was fine and adding weight slowed down a frame that was already sluggish compared to my APDGT. All I add now is racquet head tape on the bumper guard, an overgrip, and an O-shaped dampener. If you use 1.5" Gamma racquet head tape, the weight is actually quite substantial (about 4-5 grams I think).

I really didn't have a problem making the transition from my APDGT. I think most people who like the Ki 5 are the type of players who take fast swings and generate much of their own power. When I took the same kind of swings with my APDGT, the ball would fly. Maybe your problem is a matter of style, which could mean getting used to the racquet or picking another frame with more power.

Personally, I thought the best place to add lead was at 12 o'clock with no counterweights because the racquet is plenty head light (I would consider the Ki 5 very head light also). However, just adding racquet head tape and an overgrip was enough for me.
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