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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^ Ummm, you may have heard that enzymes are polypeptides (proteins), so that if you swallow them they are simply digested in your stomach into individual amino acids and are not distributed in your body as intact enzymes. Thus a swallowed enzyme cannot possibly have effects elsewhere in your body, such as on muscles or tendons.

These appear to be some peer-reviewed studies on oral enzyme supplementation:

I'm not qualified to judge the studies on their merits, and perhaps the supplements in these studies are totally different from the product 5263 is mentioning.

But it seems strange to me that this sort of research would even exist if oral enzyme supplementation were as blatantly and inherently useless as you appear to be claiming.

If basic biology tells us that oral enzyme supplementation can have no effects elsewhere the body, why are scientists studying its effects?
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