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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
I should also state at this point I am NOT personally biased against Kevlar string. It's just that I seriously believe that it no longer is relevant unless you hit such absurdly flat strokes that you notch poly to death within hours. If you do that, not even Kevlar will save you.
Hmm interesting-- spin is what seems to notch strings for me. I just found a reel of hyperlast which has kevlar-ish mains for dirt cheap so I'm going to be switching back to the J011y Rig for a bit. No time to string

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post

No the problem is actually I have calluses on my hands, and since the grip is so tacky, every time I hit a ball and the frame twists slightly, it slides the callus back and forth. That causes irritation underneath which can lead to further blisters. I have the same exact issue on the balls of my feet from years of boxing, so I need to wear super padded tennis socks.
Pacific grips are SUPER tacky...? At least the few that I have. I always thought graps were in the medium range but I could be wrong. The issue with the blisters typically comes from using a grip that's too small. I used to get the same problem when playing with a smaller grip. As soon as I bumped up to a bigger one (I had the same frame in diff grip sizes) there was no discomfort.
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