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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
No I think you might wrong
We can't call our first serves out no matter what
We can only suggest by what we think we saw , the final decision is up the opponent
Here is what the Code says:

Neither the server nor server’s partner shall make a fault call on the first service even if they think it is out because the receiver may be giving the server the benefit of the doubt. There is one exception. If the receiver plays a first service that is a fault and does not put the return in play, the server or server’s partner may make the fault call.

So again, the the rule is this:

1. If your opponent fails to return your first serve, you may call it out, just like you may call out your second serve, or any other shot you hit. The rules for calling first serves in this case are no different than for any other shot.

2. If your opponent successfully returns your first serve, you have no call. Your opponent's non-call always stands.
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