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Junior players who may be reading:

Here is a handy little site for comparing colleges, based on SAT scores of admitted students. The first chart is for the Ivies:

Then they have a chart for "Top Universities", presumably as rigorous, or maybe a little less so than the Ivies

They also have charts for Top Liberal Arts, Top Engineering, More Top Liberal Arts, and Top Public Universities. No mention of U Washington yet. You have to go to "More SAT Charts"> "22 More Public Universities" to see UW.

According to this site UW is in an academic league based on SAT scores with...maybe slightly lower than.... schools such as Clemson, Binghamton, Pitt, Ohio State, Maryland, Minnesota, and Texas.

U Washington is a fine school. Juniors who may be reading this can make their own judgments whether it is "prestigious"....within the Pac-12 and nationally. Within the Pac-12, seems Stanford, Berkeley, USC, and UCLA have higher SAT scores, and Washington is below that.
Junior players who may be reading :

Ask not what you can do for you school, but what your school can do for you.

You need to look beyond how your test scores compare to the to the test scores of the other student. None of that matters after school starts, unless all you are looking to get in and get a pedigree. If you are really interested in an education, than you need look at your particular major and how students in that particular major are view by the market place. If you are pre-med, what med schools do the kids get into? etc ?
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