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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
That's a point that's rarely made. When I first started stringing I thought I was doing something wrong, that I had flawed technique. After a while I discovered that it was normal, but you seldom hear people discuss straightening the mains; it's almost always the crosses.
If you wear eye glasses, you tend to see curves in known straight objects. This is due to the eye glass lens refractions. I wear contacts most of the time, but when I'm wearing eye glasses, it's noticeable.

The only mains I have to straighten are usually the last mains, that get pushed from the clamps while working on the crosses.

As for straightening the crosses, that's what the Setting Off tool is for. It's much faster to do after stringing than during stringing. I've seen many Pro Stringers at the events use the tool after stringing and some of these guys are the fastest stringers in the World.
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