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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Nice strong, fast, replicable swing.
But I'll bet the consistency on fast serves is lacking.
You don't adopt the archer's bow, to get your swing going upwards into the ball, instead of just towards the target. As a result, you spend less of your swing before hitting the ball, more of the swing after hitting.
Meaning, you have little high elbow, high hand after you've hit the ball.
If you could just arch upwards at the trophy, raising your toss shoulder, you'd have a consistent strong fast serve.
Yea I can see that my trophy pose is off. When I look at the pro's side views they seem to shift their hips forward into the court almost when they assume the archer's bow. I tried to do that but then lost my balance. Is it something ot do with my feet too close together? Or not pointed the right way?

When I looked at my video, my feet were a good shoulder's width apart.
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