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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
@Jim E: I've found two products. One from MBS for badminton and another from Yonex.

The Yonex Tennis Adaptor is closer to what you have. They only seem to be available from Apollo Leisure in the UK.
I have 2 of both of these.
The one on the bottom is the one I use the most.
Most racquets you can use the one pictured on the bottom at the head of the racquet, and a decent % can also use at throat at times, depending on racquet. These will spread out the forces over a larger area, and especially on some O Port racquets where the frame is convex at the top and the 12 oclock billiard is flat then there is a chance of the billiard slipping off center on the curved racquet where that piece (the bottom one pictured) keeps it in place the way it should.Some stringers probably do not use them, but in reality no one can fault you for taking precautions of the racquets saftey, as these will do no harm, and can even out forces over a larger area as the tip of the billiards are very small, so it contacts just a small area.
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